Dangers in the home

-Ingestion of toxic household plants

-Open sources of water, (Toilets, Sinks, Tubs, etc)

-Improperly restrained in a car or outside. Always use a carrier when transporting a bird and never allow them out when driving. One quick stop can kill or severely injure your feathered companion. No one plans to have a car accident. Birds, even when clipped will fly away. Always use a carrier or at the very least a harness. However even with a harness leaves the risk of hawks and other predators. Hawks have been known to take birds right off people's shoulders or grab birds in cages/carriers when left outside unattended.   

-Predator animals such as Cats, Dogs, Snakes, Ferrets, Etc. (Birds cannot be allowed to directly interact with predator animals due to the risk of bacterial infection from saliva, fur, etc. No wet kisses from people either or pre-chewed food. Injury from a bite, paw slap, startled lash out posses risk of serious harm. Birds have also had wings pulled through cage bars. People have lived with birds and predator animals for years and then preventable tragedy strikes. Instinct cannot be out trained and can happen whenever. Steps must be taken to ensure the safety of all.) 

-Teflon fumes. Common sources are self-cleaning ovens, pots and pans, oven-liners, food cooking bags, air-fryers, some hair dryers and much more. Kills birds instantly.​ 

-Oven flames/hot surfaces. Common examples: fireplaces, stove tops, ovens, etc

-Scented items. Common examples: Odor crystals, Gels, Odor Absorbers, Candles, air-sprays, certain cleaners, Lysol, Febreeze, Wax melts, scent sticks, simmer pots, burning oils, smoking, vape, incense, oils, smoke, Plug-ins, VOCs and much more. These things can kill a bird instantly or cause prolonged issues through respiratory infections and more. Birds hide illness. It's a natural instinct. 

-Exposed wires/Electrical shock.

-Open doors/Windows/Flimsy Screens

-Heavy metal poisoning. Usually from ingesting something.

-Lead paint poisoning/Paint fumes

-Strangulation from toys or other hazards in the home. Getting wings, feet, etc caught in toys or other things. 

-Choking or punctured crops from toy parts. Some birds remove the inside of bells which can be a choking hazard.  

-Getting into trouble from no supervision

-Fumes from exterminators

-Being smothered. Never sleep with a bird.

-Pinched in closing doors/windows.

-Ceiling fans

-Improperly locked cage door or poorly secured cages. (Some cages have a sliding door like a guillotine. This has broken birds necks. Others can be worked open and birds become trapped.) 

-Spoiled food

-Exposure to a sick bird. Parrots and most birds hide illness. Many avian diseases are highly contagious. This is why quarantine (typically 30 days) and proper vetting are critical to the health and well being of your companion.  

-Chew on unsafe wood

-Toxic foods such as avocado, garlic, apple seeds, fruit pits, salted foods, chocolate and more.

-Fright flights/Night terrors. Some birds need night lights or else they may become scared easily and thrash around their cages at night. When they panic they might hurt themselves accidentally. Try and keep a calm environment for parrots.

-Vitamin deficiency or other issues from lack of full spectrum lighting. (UV lights, OTT lights, etc. can be used.) 

-Pine shavings/Corn cob bedding, etc. Birds contract harmful diseases from what grows on them (Aspergillus and more), exposure to spores, etc. Newspapers and other papers are safest.      

-Be vigilant to home dangers! 

Symptoms of a bird in distress and needs medical attention: Abnormal stool (foul smell, strange consistency, excessively liquid or abnormal appearance), abnormal behavior or sudden change in attitude, panting, acting slow/lethargic, consistently puffed up, weakness/poor balance, mucus discharge from eyes/nose/mouth, plucking, poor feather quality, sores, growths, enlargement of nares and more. Birds hide illness so when you start to see something is off they are likely gravely ill. Vet intervention is needed as soon as possible, don't wait.