Will you ship a bird to me?

-No, a home visit is required and shipping comes with risks to the well being of the bird.

Can I drive over grab the bird and go, no questions asked?

-No, We want to ensure our birds are placed in the most ideal situation possible. We aren't first come first serve and work in the best interest of the birds.

Can I adopt one bird out of a bonded pair?

-No, Birds often mate for life and breaking up a bonded pair is one of the cruelest things that can be done to them. It causes severe stress and is something we try to make as little as possible on our precious parrot companions.

Can I have a pair of birds or a single one for one I have with the intentions of breeding?

-Birds adopted out under the Capital Region Parrot Society aren't to be bred under any circumstances. With thousands of homeless parrots nation wide and many in our area alone it would only add to the homeless parrot crisis.

Can I have a parrot on a trial basis and return him or her?

-We are aware situations happen beyond our control and a parrot companion may need to be returned to us. Parrots aren't easy or cheap companions so it's important to do your research to figure out if you can provide for one (or more). Be prepared ahead of time. This scenario is something we try and avoid due to the fact going home to home is very stressful on birds.

My current parrot is lonely and he or she needs a friend. Can I adopt one?

-In this scenario there is a high chance your parrot companion and the one to be will hate each other. In some cases they will aggressively seek each other out. When adopting it's important to plan that they may need to be kept safely apart.