Birds Name: ______________________ Species:_________________ Foster Name: _____________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________ Phone #: _________________________ E-Mail: ___________________ Own Home Y/N Rent Y/N-(If YES, we will need written permission from landlord) How many birds do you currently own: ______________Species:____________ How many adults in home: _______How many children and ages: _________ Do you have any other pets in home, if so list: _________________

All birds being fostered for CRPS are subject to reversal if the foster does not satisfy CRPS's Fostering Requirements Outlined Below:

1. Foster family must keep CRPS informed of the birds progress at all times. 2. If foster family cannot continue to care for the bird, it must be returned to CRPS. 3. In the event CRPS learns the bird is being mistreated or not cared for properly, CRPS has the right to seize the bird from the foster home. 4. Foster family agrees all birds are property of CRPS and must be returned upon request. NO EXCEPTIONS. 5. Foster family agrees to a home inspection by a member of CRPS to verify suitable fostering environment. Birds will be placed into a foster home that is best able to meet the individual needs of each bird. Factors that go into such a decision making include, but are not limited to , the following:

*The species and the condition of the bird is acceptable to the foster family *The extent of experience of the foster family with particular species *The number of birds currently in foster home *The availability of adequate space for the safety and comfort of bird *The ability to quarantine bird if needed 6. If CRPS is unable to find emergency placement for a particular bird, the adoption coordinator will provide referral information, if available to the owner about other possible placement options. 7. Once placement of a bird with a foster family, the adoption coordinator will be reasonably available to assist the foster family when requested. The foster family is responsible for the housing and care of the bird, until such time bird is adopted. The adoption coordinator may conduct follow-up visits at any time during foster care period. 8. The foster family may request that the adoption coordinator find another suitable home for the CRPS bird in his or her care. The adoption coordinator shall act on this request as quickly as possible but until the bird can be emergency replaced the bird will remain with foster family until new foster family is available.

**Recommended diet includes pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of fresh clean water for drinking.**

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