Do the following self questionnaire to get a feel if a parrot is right for your family.

1) How long does the parrot species I'm interested in live?

2) How much of my time does a parrot require?

3) What is a healthy diet for a parrot?

4) What are common foods toxic to parrots?

5) Why should unhealthy human food never be given to a parrot?

6) Is everyone in your household on board with adding a parrot to the family?

7) How strong is a parrot's beak?

8) What are the necessary costs of properly caring for a parrot? (I.e. diet, vet bills, cage, and so on)

9) Why is it so important to have clean air for a feathered companion? (Hint: Look up the specific structure of a parrot's respiratory system.

10) Why do you want a parrot companion?

11) If a parrot screams loudly how will I react?

12) Parrots can be very loud. How will my neighbors respond?

13) Parrots aren't like cats or dogs. They may bond to only one person and it may not be you. Are you prepared for this?

14) What safety precautions will I take to ensure my feathered companion won't fly away outside from an open access point or enjoying the outdoors? (Hint: Clipping a parrot's wings won't stop flight, just hinders.)

15) Do you know the location of your nearest avian veterinarian?

16) What is the importance of toy variety and perch variety?

17) If you were to be bitten by a parrot for whatever reason how would you respond?

18) Why is it dangerous to allow birds and predator pets, such as cats, dogs, ferrets, snakes, etc, to directly interact? (Hint: It's biological.) What safety precautions will I take to ensure the safety of all?

19) Some parrots may dislike other animals (specifically other birds) and can even attack. How will I prevent this? Am I prepared to keep them safely separated?

20) Parrots can be very messy and destructive by nature. What is their role in the wild? Can I deal with a mess?

21) Why is it important to never leave a parrot out unsupervised?

22) Why is it important that large parrots and small parrots never mix?

Link to a guided answer sheet to compare your answers:

Caring for a parrot can be very rewarding but is also a huge commitment and responsibility. Parrots aren't for everyone! Your local animal shelter is full of animals needing forever homes! If you have any further questions or would like us to go over this with you, feel free to contact us! One of our volunteers will respond as soon as we can. It's important to really do your research and know what your getting into before adopting a parrot companion.