Preparing wood from the outdoors for parrot perches and toys.

Step 1: Gather wood from areas with no pesticides, runoffs and/or other contaminants that could be harmful.

Step 2: Make sure the wood is bird safe. (Non-toxic, Don't know? Don’t risk it! Always play it safe.)

Step 3: Remove bark and any outer layers that might harbor mold, parasites, fungus or anything else harmful to your feathered companion.

Step 4: Thoroughly rinse and scrub the wood. (Can be cleaned with cleaning vinegar. It’s suggested to soak overnight. Usually in a bathtub. Rinse with water afterwards.)

Step 5: Bake on an oven safe tray for 1 hour at a minimum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not leave unattended and check to make sure nothing burns. This last step should kill off anything that might be lurking on the woods surface or burrowed inside it.

Step 6: Work into toys, perches, etc with your cleaned bird safe wood.

Some "wood" is safe whereas the leaves and berries are not. Always avoid wood that is covered in fungus, molded, laying on the ground (mycobacterium) or exposed to chemicals (mosquito or crop sprays).

Be very thorough when cleaning especially due to diseases from other animals. Diseases from other birds, parasites from Raccoon stool, mites and more can be transferred to your feathered companion if wood is not cleaned properly.

Many tools can be used on the wood such as grill scrappers. The rough bristles help clean the wood and the blade helps to make removing bark and other layers easier.